6 Reasons to Eat More Food Rich in Prebiotics


One of the more recent darlings of the health world has been probiotics, the beneficial bacteria found in items like yogurt and fermented foods that help promote good gut health. Benefits of probiotics range from better digestive health, improved … read more

pomegranate grapefruit paloma

west palm

All January and early February, as glacial winds smacked us in our face on the walk to school — and somehow back too (uphill, both ways, etc.) — I counted down the days until we would go to Florida to

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Angelina Jolie and Her Kids Eat Bugs. Here’s Why That’s Not a Bad Idea


Curious about Angelina Jolie’s snack preferences? We now know bugs are on the list. (Yep, you read that right.) In a segment that aired on BBC News this week, the Oscar-winning actress and her … read more

3 Ways to Keep Mercury and Arsenic Out of Your Gluten-Free Diet


You’ve probably seen some scary headlines recently about how a gluten-free diet may expose your body to more arsenic and mercury—toxic metals that have been linked to a higher risk of heart disease, cancer, and neurological problems.

These reports … read more

Buffalo Cauliflower Wings and Dip

From Shannon at Plant Based on a Budget

Buffalo wings are a comfort food for many people, and they’re so easy to make vegan — not to mention healthier! These cauliflower wings are a great appetizer to serve on game … read more

Chocolate Swiss Roll

Chocolate Swiss Roll-1

This Chocolate Swiss Roll is a rich, chocolaty and decadent dessert, a rewarding treat for  chocolate lovers. A chocolate sponge cake is filled with a chocolate mousse filling and drizzled with chocolate ganache on top. It is simply heavenly delicious.

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