Do This During Your Workday to Burn More Calories and Fat

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You already know that getting off your butt for periods of time throughout the day can reduce some of the harmful effects of too much sitting. (Hello, standing desk!) But a new study from … read more

Crêpes Suzette

Crêpes Suzette-1

If you enjoy oranges this French recipe of Crepes Suzette is definitely a must try. A flavorful sauce made with oranges, caramelized sugar and butter is prepared to warm the crepes in and then orange liqueur like Grand Marnier or

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Puff Pizza Ring

Puff Pizza Ring-1

Puff Pizza Ring is an easy appetizer idea you can prepare just in few minutes and have it ready by the time guests arrive. It looks quite impressive and appetizing and takes no more than

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chocolate dutch baby

whisk it up

If I had a superpower, it would be rationalizing. Did you find a pair of boots that you love but they’re wildly expensive? Text me and I will tell you about the only time in my life I have splurged

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Are Brown Bananas (and Other Fruits) Safe to Eat?

It happens to all of us: the lettuce we picked up at the farmer’s market was perfect when we got it home, but two days later it mysteriously has brown spots. That beautiful bunch of bananas we brought home from … read more

What Trainers Really Eat When They Dine Out

You drop it like a squat and sprint on the bike at their command, but it’s rare to see what some of the most in-demand trainers eat to fuel their class-packed days. While some meals are what you’d expect — … read more