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Dutch Oven Mountain Man Hash

Here is the perfect Dutch oven breakfast for a cold camping morning. Mountain Man Hash is easy to make, will fill everyone up, is very tasty. It is best made in a Dutch oven, which makes it perfect for cold … read more

Paleo Breakfast Bread

Getting started personally on the Paleo diet can be quite difficult. Getting your family started on the Paleo diet? Well, that can be even more daunting! One of the most common times of failure is breakfast time when everyone wants … read more

Oven French Toast With Neufchatel Cheese and Fresh Raspberries: A Lighter Recipe

French Toast is a satisfying meal because it contains eggs, milk, and bread. Depending on the ingredients, it can also be a caloric meal. For some reason (maybe magazine ads) I felt like making French … read more

Pierogi Recipe – Cheese and Potato Filling

One of the most popular, if not the best, Polish dishes is the pierogi. Pierogi is a versatile food that can be enjoyed several different ways. It is basically a dumpling that can be stuffed with meat, sauerkraut, potato, or … read more

Pancakes Fit For a King

Top Secret Recipe

It’s time to reveal a recipe that my kids love. These pancakes are great and I recommend anyone reading this to try them. Many people have commented that these pancakes taste just like IHOP pancakes. I will … read more

Shiitake Onion Pakora/ Tempura Fritters – Pt 3 of Saving Money on Party Snacks

When I’ve got a craving for a snack with a high mouth feel and belly satisfaction level, I like to have either Japanese-style tempura fritters or East Indian-style pakora fritters (link below). But being the kind of foodie that I … read more