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Counting Carbs With Wine

The recent health claims that wines have antioxidants in them that may block free radicals, prevent heart disease, cancer, and other conditions associated with aging seems to have some validity. Polyphenol, catechin, and cholesterol-reducing resveratrol are found predominately in red … read more

pomegranate grapefruit paloma

west palm

All January and early February, as glacial winds smacked us in our face on the walk to school — and somehow back too (uphill, both ways, etc.) — I counted down the days until we would go to Florida to

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5 Amazing Teas That Calm Inflammation

Teas That Calm Inflammation (1)

Inflammation is a natural process by which the body uses white blood cells to protect us from infections and other foreign organisms like bacteria or viruses.

However, in some cases the body gets it wrong, … read more

Replace Your Coffee with… Beets?

Giving up coffee can be tough. There is something so special about ordering a beautifully crafted, foamy latte from your favorite cafe; sipping it carefully so as not to distort the incredible microfoam art too greatly. And let’s not forget … read more

Is Your Coffee Or Tea Giving You A Muffin Top?

Coffee cup and muffin top

Morning coffee. Coffee break. Afternoon tea. A nice cup after dinner. Many of us love – need – our coffee or tea.

A nice hot steaming cup of coffee or tea can hit the spot and a hot skim latte … read more

Juice or Smoothie: Which One Is Healthier?

Healthy foodies may agree on many nutrition topics, but here’s one that’s still up for debate: What’s better, smoothies or juices? In my opinion there are pros and cons to each drink, so it really comes down to your personal … read more