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BREAKING: Sheep Beaten, Kicked, Cut, and Thrown Around in Scotland

Everywhere that eyewitnesses from PETA Asia and its affiliates go, they see the same disturbing behaviour. PETA Asia has released eight exposés of 72 sheep operations on four continents, including in AustraliaNorth America, and South America, … read more | Bangkok – Momo Bowl

Cut beef across the grain into thin slices, ensuring that the beef cooks evenly and remains tender throughout cooking.

Peel garlic and pound in mortar & pestle together with chillies to bring out the oils and flavours. Reserve some finely … read more

Shelter President Who Ordered Workers to Spray Dog With Pepper Spray Resigns

Updated October 16, 2018: Thanks to all who took action! The Cheyenne Animal Shelter president who directed staff to abuse an 8-month-old dog named Tanner by spraying him in the face with pepper spray has … read more

Seafood Without the Suffering: Try These Great Vegan Products

Attention, “pescatarians”: Fish are intelligent and feel pain. What’s more, fish flesh is toxic to humans, and the seafood industry is destroying the environment. There’s no need to participate in any of this when you can “catch” one of

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Outraged Over Viral Video of Collapsed Camel? Here’s What You Can Do

When a photo of a suffering elephant forced to give rides and a video of an apparently exhausted camel being violently jerked to stand up went viral, PETA—along with over 100,000 concerned citizens—called for an end to animal acts at … read more

VIDEO: Animals Locked Up and Put on Display at a Shopping Mall

Imagine being forced to live in an enclosure so small that you have only a square foot or two at most to move around in, just so that people can stop and gawk at you as they shop. Such confinement … read more