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Simple Summer Lunch: Peach-Basil Gazpacho

Tomato-based gazpachos are great, but they’re certainly not the beginning and end for this cold summer soup. Take advantage of seasonal peaches to make this tasty peach gazpacho recipe!

Gazpacho and other cold soup recipes are perfect for summer. They’re … read more

The 15 Healthiest Cereals You Can Eat

Cereal is an extremely popular breakfast food. It is easy and convenient for those who live busy lifestyles, but is often loaded with added sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. Additionally, cereal can be easy to overeat since many brands lack … read more

5 Staple Foods Often Tainted with Chemicals

Potentially harmful chemicals are rampant in our food system; it’s an unfortunate truth of modern day living. And they’re lurking in places you may not immediately expect.

While it may take the gears of our … read more

How to Cook Your Food for the Biggest Health Benefits

3 ways to make your veggies taste amazing

Prefer munching on your farmers’ market haul uncooked? Steal these RD hacks to pack more tang and zing into plain plants.

Dress them up. “The easiest healthy vegetable dip in the world … read more

Easily The Best Garlic Herb Roasted Potatoes

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You Can Now Snort Chocolate, But Doctors Aren't Happy About It

There are lots of ways to get a caffeine-induced energy boost: There’s coffee and chocolate, of course, along with soda and energy drinks. Then there are the non-conventional sources of caffeine—energy supplements, gum, mints, edible powders, and even stick-on … read more