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Pizza Hut Will Start Serving Gluten-Free Pies

Pizza Hut has great news for the gluten intolerant—and “meh” news for people who say they’re gluten intolerant but are really just trying to lose weight.Starting Jan. 26, the chain will start offering 10-inch gluten-free pizzas in 2,400 of its … read more

31 Carrot Recipes You’ll Want to Make Right Now

Roasted Carrot Recipe - Care2

When I’m planning out my grocery shopping for the week I look for ingredients that meet certain criteria. First, they must be simple and easy to find in any grocery store. Next I look for ingredients that are versatile—can I … read more

Palm Oil: Good or Bad?

All around the world, palm oil consumption is increasing. However, it is a highly controversial food.

On one hand, it’s reported to provide several health benefits. On the other, it may pose risks to heart … read more

Should You Crack Your Own Nuts?

Are there practical reasons that you should crack your own nuts?

When I was a kid, my parents used to keep a bowl of unshelled, mixed nuts on the coffee table. They were sort of decorative, but occasionally my little sister and I would arm ourselves with the nutcracker and snack … read more

Fluffy Japanese Pancakes


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an easier way to make cookies

Pretty much everything terrible about making cookies comes down to one thing: deciding you want a cookie and realizing that the expanse between now and when you get to eat said is unfairly wide.

For example:
• Butter needs to

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