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Good News: Americans Are (Finally) Eating More Fish 

The American diet has a pretty bad rap (and with reason). But based on new government statistics, things may be looking up: According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s annual Fisheries of the United States report, Americans increased their consumption … read more

4 Healthy Reasons to Eat Avocados

Avocados are not only tasty, they are super satisfying and will help keep your body healthy too. Just in case you need even more support to eat your avocado (guacamole c’mon not reason enough?) Here are 4 reasons for healthy

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11 Lower-Calorie Versions Of Your Favorite Fall Comfort Foods

When the weather finally starts to cool down, there’s a certain kind of food we want to eat. Soups, stews, heaping mounds of pasta, anything made in a slow-cooker, lots and lots of pumpkins—we

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Broccoli Cheese Balls

Я один из самых удачливых мам, чтобы мои маленькие девочки едят брокколи и даже наслаждаться им. Я хотел бы попробовать различные способы введения этого здорового овощей в их рационе, и эти Брокколи и сыр шаров является одним из них. Я

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pasta can help make you slimmer, italian scientists say

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6 Registered Dietitians Share How They Eat Healthy Every Day

Finding a healthy eating plan that works for you is no easy feat. That’s because, despite what you may have been led to believe, healthy eating isn’t all salads and smoothies, and it can look very different from one person … read more