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Hot And Spicy Chick Peas (Vegetarian Recipe)

Makes 2 servings in 45 minutes

VEGETABLES / Asian (India) / Side Dish / Stove / No marinating

Much of the Indian population is vegetarian, and they enjoy the most extensive vegetable dishes in the world.
This is not only … read more

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Chopped Salad with Gorgonzola Cheese

Many restaurants, as least where I live, have added chopped salad to their menus. I don’t know why chopped salad has suddenly become popular, but may be due to the fact that it goes with everything – beef, pork, chicken, … read more

Easy Vegetarian Spaghetti

This is an easy recipe for those of us who don’t eat meat. I love spaghetti and created this recipe playing around in the kitchen one day. My family really likes it and I make … read more

Recipes with Rosemary

Rosemary is one of my favourite herbs – its clean, spiky scent pervading my kitchen takes me to the South of France on a warm summer’s day. It is the hardiest plant in my herb garden, surviving our driest summers … read more

1200 Calorie Diet Plan

You can lose 10 pounds and gain more energy — all in 30 days. You will maintain 1200 calories per day and have plenty of food with these tasty low calorie recipes. You can also optimize your meal plans with … read more

How to Grill Peppers

Grilled peppers make wonderful additions to all sorts of dishes. Guess what, it is easy to grill peppers. You can grill all sorts of peppers. Some of my personal favorites are red bell peppers, pablano peppers, jalapeño peppers, to name … read more