Mena Suvari Gets Emotional Explaining Why She Ditched Down (VIDEO)

A short video in which a goose screams in pain as his or her feathers are ripped out by the fistful: That’s all it took to persuade actor, model, and activist Mena Suvari to ditch down forever.

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PETA Rapid Action: Tell Companies to Stop Selling and Using Glue Traps

::PETA Rapid-Action Center::

Let's End All Glue Trap Sales

Mice, rats, and all animals deserve our compassion and respect, so it’s essential that we use humane methods to solve any perceived problems associated with them. One of the least humane

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Urge El Paso Shopping Center to Ditch Bird Poisons!

The El Paso Plaza shopping center in El Paso, Texas, has reportedly set out avicides on its roof, and apparently, numerous dead birds were observed on the premises this week. Often misleadingly described as “harmless … read more

Animals Pay the Real Price for SeaWorld’s Up-Close Encounters

In a sorry attempt to save its sinking ship, SeaWorld is introducing new animal encounters this summer. The animals who will be forced to endure the unnatural close-up tours include beluga whales, walruses, sea otters, flamingos, seals, and sea lions. … read more

Bear Forced to Ride Skateboard Attacks Handler in Front of Crowd

Written by Zachary Toliver | June 21, 2018

Bears don’t ride skateboards, do handstands, or balance on balls in nature. So while this viral video from a Russian circus that shows a bear finally tasting a little vengeance is shocking, … read more

PETA to Researchers: Transparency Will Reveal Animal Cruelty

Dogs are among the many kinds of animals used in research.

Understanding Animal Research (CC-BY 2.0)

Breaking with a history of reticence, nearly 600 scientists, students, and lab … read more