The 13 Biggest Nutrition Discoveries of 2016

The year in review: nutrition edition

The truth about nutrition is always in flux. One day coffee is a carcinogen, the next it’s a potent antioxidant. Carbs used to be the devil, now (the right kinds) are the staple of … read more

Chocolate Crepe Cake


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You Too Can Make Delicious Pancakes With This New Free Diet Food

This Dr Seuss style article introduces okara, a by-product of soy that has been around for more than 22 centuries, yet is almost unheard of in America. This high protein, high-fiber, pulp that remains after … read more

Eat This Type of Protein at Breakfast to Stay Full for Longer

You’ve probably heard that protein is the key to a satisfying meal. And when you think of the nutrient, your go-to is probably some type of meat. But a new study suggests that veggie-based proteins—specifically, beans and peas—may actually fill … read more

Artichokes Star in Salads, Soups and Appetizers

Fresh, canned or frozen, artichokes are one of my favorite vegetables. A big fresh artichoke, steamed and served with lemon juice, stands on its own as a starter course. Far more often, I’ll just open a jar of marinated artichokes … read more

An RD-Approved Guide to Healthy Snacking at Work

Whether your weakness is nonstop grazing or a “treat yourself” tendency, here’s how to clean up your office diet.

Your occasional splurge becomes a regular thing

The makeover: It happens all the time: An afternoon treat to break up a … read more