Crazy Cake with Chocolate Ganache

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I have discovered this crazy chocolate cake only recently and I must say I fall in love with it immediately. It is somehow very similar to the recipe used in the Chocolate

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The A-to-Z Guide to Vitamins

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Easy Chocolate Truffles 4 Ways

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Slow-Cooker Breakfast Recipes

These crispy nuggets are worth nibbling—and a great way to use leftover quinoa. Kick the sauce up a notch with a dash of Sriracha, if you like. Garlic powder is great here, as it evenly distributes garlic flavor without having … read more

How Much Bread And Butter Do You Eat Before Your Meal?


Have you been known to invade the breadbasket with gusto as soon as it lands on the table?

Then do you mindlessly continue to munch before and during your meal either because you’re hungry or because the bread is there … read more

Ten Easy Ways To Save Some Calories

10 Ways To Save Calories

  1. If you’re full, stop eating and clear your plate right away.  If the food hangs around in front of you, you’ll keep picking at it until there’s nothing left. An exception – a study has found that looking at
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