Does Rye Bread Protect Against Cancer?

Previously, I’ve explored the beneficial effects of flaxseeds on prostate cancer, as well as breast cancer prevention and survival. The cancer-fighting effect of flaxseeds is thought to be because of the lignans, which are cancer-fighting plant compounds found in red … read more

Apple Pie

Яблочный пирог-1

Autumn is by far my favorite season, for me there are no days so pleasing to the eye as the sunny ones from October, filled with great colors of yellow, bronze, green and red.


This leaves decorated Apple Pie

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Top 10 Tasty Desserts


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This Is What Victoria Beckham’s Nutritionist, Amelia Freer, Eats In A Day

Victoria Beckham recently raved that nutritionist Amelia Freer taught her a lot about food, and now Freer is sharing what she eats in a day. In a recent interview, Freer revealed that she uses fruit as a natural sweetener, is … read more

Fried Chicken As Made By Marcus Samuelsson


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Good News: Americans Are (Finally) Eating More Fish 

The American diet has a pretty bad rap (and with reason). But based on new government statistics, things may be looking up: According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s annual Fisheries of the United States report, Americans increased their consumption … read more