Canned Seafood: An Easy Way to Get Your Omega-3’s

One easy way to increase the amount of omega-3 fats in your diet is to eat canned fish two or three times a week. The richest sources of omega 3’s in seafood are the fatty fish that live in cold, … read more

Mini Guacamole Tortilla Rounds

Guacamole is a staple when it comes to condiments in Mexican cooking. It can be found with ingredients ranging from tomatoes to peppers and even mayonnaise. This simple guacamole recipe is a bit more traditional than the mayonnaise versions but … read more

Recipe Ham Fried Rice


Center slice of ham

Small white onion (not a sweet onion)
or spring onion

a handful of bean sprouts (canned are OK drain well)

three eggs beaten

4 servings of minute rice ( use … read more

A Natural Edge For More Muscle!




Quick question for you. What’s the leading cause of death for American men? According to the Center for Disease Control, it’s heart disease, which in 2006, accounted for just over a quarter of all deaths among men in … read more

Clementine Recipes: Not Just for Snacking

Clementines are the small citrus in boxes or mesh bags that appear in markets during the winter months. This year’s crop is tasty, juicy and plentiful (prices are low!).

They’re great for snacking, dessert or in fruit salads. Clementines also … read more

Biscuits: Sweet Potato Biscuit Recipe and a Cheese Biscuit Recipe

One of the best tasting breakfast recipes for the fall months is sweet potato biscuits. We also love to serve
them at parties; making a mini version, cut with a cutter about a inch diameter and putting country ham on … read more