Urge Clemson University to Halt Hazardous Balloons Releases

Balloon releases are harmful to animals & pose a serious threat to the environment—birds are sometimes bound by hazardous materials & land animals often choke to death after mistaking fragments for food. Urge @ClemsonUniv to stop balloon releases immediately via … read more

Enter to Win Vegan Meals Delivered Right to Your Doorstep!

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You know the facts: Vegans save nearly 200 animals every year, have a reduced risk of developing many serious diseases, and don’t contribute to the catastrophic levels of … read more

Vegan Ice Cream Cakes, Almond Milk Shakes, and More at Ben & Jerry’s

Vegan desserts are taking over Ben & Jerry’s menu, and we couldn’t be happier about it. People get it: Not only is cow’s milk bad for human health, it’s also even worse for the

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James Cameron’s New Film Exposes ‘the World’s Most Dangerous Myth’

Forget everything that you thought you knew about eating meat. From Academy Award winners  James Cameron and Louie Psihoyos, director of The Cove, comes a new film that is about to turn the biggest and longest-held meat myth on … read more

Urge Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Community to Swear Off Goose Massacres!

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According to media reports, a neighborhood called Cameron Village, which is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, recently hired a contractor to round up and kill Canada geese who call the area home. The roundup was … read more

Cover-Up of SeaWorld Stingray Deaths Prompts Lawsuit From PETA

SeaWorld is in hot water yet again—this time, over the cover-up of 54 stingray deaths at a Chicago-area zoo.

The stingrays died at Brookfield Zoo in 2015 after an alleged malfunction of the exhibit’s life-support system caused the oxygen levels … read more