Here’s the Real Story about the Impossible Burger

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Federal Probe of Slaughterhouse Sought After Another Conscious Pig Found Hanging From Rail

For Immediate Release:
August 6, 2018

Audrey Shircliff 202-483-7382

Portland, Ore. – PETA has obtained a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) report revealing at least the third recent violation of federal law at Masami Foods in Klamath Falls. On … read more

Why PETA Is Warning Pig Farmers to ‘Get Out’ While They Still Can

Written by PETA | August 6, 2018

China has imposed new tariffs on U.S. pork imports, undermining a market that receives nearly 60 percent of American exports of pigs’ heads, feet, and other assorted body … read more

Mushroom Egg Galette

Watch the video for this recipe:

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Rustic galettes are the perfect choice for whenever you need a quick impressive dish either savory or sweet.


Mushroom Egg Galette is a comforting dish full of flavor and color perfect

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Photos: The Country Is Protesting Outside AAA Offices—Here’s Why

For an organization whose entire business model depends on helping to facilitate travel, AAA certainly doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that in SeaWorld’s tiny concrete prison cells, orcas—who naturally swim up to 140 miles every day—are being denied that … read more

PETA Shows Link Between Grieving Orca Mom Who’s Gone Viral and Lolita

For at least nine days, the world has watched in heartbreak as a distraught Southern Resident orca mom known as Tahlequah (or “J35”) carries the body of her dead calf through the ocean, seemingly unable to say goodbye. Showing awesome … read more