Mushroom Egg Galette

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Rustic galettes are the perfect choice for whenever you need a quick impressive dish either savory or sweet.


Mushroom Egg Galette is a comforting dish full of flavor and color perfect

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Photos: The Country Is Protesting Outside AAA Offices—Here’s Why

For an organization whose entire business model depends on helping to facilitate travel, AAA certainly doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that in SeaWorld’s tiny concrete prison cells, orcas—who naturally swim up to 140 miles every day—are being denied that … read more

PETA Shows Link Between Grieving Orca Mom Who’s Gone Viral and Lolita

For at least nine days, the world has watched in heartbreak as a distraught Southern Resident orca mom known as Tahlequah (or “J35”) carries the body of her dead calf through the ocean, seemingly unable … read more

What do Jack Daniel’s, IBM, Gucci, and Forever 21 have in common? PETA’s top news for July

When PETA wins for animals, we win hard. In July, Jack Daniel’s finally dropped its sponsorship of the deadly Iditarod race following PETA protests outside its offices and over 186,000 e-mails sent by our supporters. PetSmart managers pleaded guilty to … read more

Pig Farmer Tariff: Get Out Now!

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Pig Farmer Tariff: Get Out Now!

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Curiosity Abused the Rat’ Ad Blasts University of Delaware Experiments

PETA Billboard Urges School to End Tania Roth’s Cruel ‘Child Abuse’ Studies on Baby Rats

For Immediate Release:
August 2, 2018

Tasgola Bruner 202-483-7382

Newark, Del. – “Curiosity Abused the Rat. Stop University of Delaware Baby Rat Experiments read more