5 Nutrition Myths Even Health Fiends Get Wrong

At least once a week, a client tells me how confused they are about nutrition—and I get it. With so much information and conflicting advice floating around, it’s easy to feel mixed up. But busting myths, and explaining the science … read more

7 Ways to Cut 50 Calories Every Day

News Picture: 7 Ways to Cut 50 Calories Every DayBy Regina Boyle Wheeler
HealthDay Reporter

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TUESDAY, July 4, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Did you know that eating an extra 50 calories a day can sneak on about five pounds a year? But trimming … read more

Tips to Curb Nighttime Eating

News Picture: Tips to Curb Nighttime EatingBy Regina Boyle Wheeler
HealthDay Reporter

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THURSDAY, June 22, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Are you a regular victim of the late-night snack attack? Mindlessly munching on chips or diving … read more

Health Tip: Create a Food-and-Activity Journal

Latest Diet & Weight Management News

(HealthDay News) — Jotting down your eating and exercising habits helps you track healthy habits and foster new ones.

The American Academy of Family Physicians suggests:

  • Logging what you ate and drank, starting when
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27 Clever Ways to Reuse Food Scraps

Got some food scraps that are destined for your trash or compost bin? Before you toss those out, take a look at these creative ways to reuse them.

We have a serious food waste problem. While a lot of the … read more

6 Foods To Help You Gain Muscle

The fitness world has experienced a renaissance of late.

Rather than being totally obsessed with “skinniness,” many are now instead focused on building strength and reducing body fat—both admirable and much healthier fitness goals.

Actually achieving those goals is easier … read more