What are Stone Fruits? The Jewels of Summer!

We are in the middle of stone fruit season, but what are stone fruits, exactly? Learn all about these tasty treats, plus some fun ways to eat them besides right out of the produce drawer.

What are stone fruits?

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grilled pizza

Before we snuck a grill onto our balcony one glorious day last May, I would regularly show up at friends-with-grills homes with prepared pizza dough and a few toppings in the summer; I love grilled pizza so much that I’d

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How To Regrow Fruit From Your Kitchen

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How to Reduce the Alcohol in Wine Sauce

How long does it take to cook the alcohol out of wine sauce? A new study looked at methods and cooking times to see how to reduce the alcohol in wine sauce.

Why remove alcohol from wine sauce?

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A Fat-Burning Green Smoothie Recipe to Kickstart Your Morning

It’s a rare day when a pic of some sort of green drink doesn’t show up in my Instagram feed”and for good reason. Green smoothies are the perfect way to slip in veggies before noon. Here’s my version, with a … read more

The Role of Vitamin C in the Treatment of Terminal Cancer

Studies in the 1970s showed an extraordinary survival gain in terminal cancer patients with vitamin C, a “simple and relatively nontoxic therapy.” It’s no wonder it got a lot of attention. But studies in the 1980s found no such benefit, … read more