Alpha Industries Bans Fur

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PETA heard complaints that Alpha Industries—a global retailer and manufacturer of U.S. military apparel—was selling fur. We quickly contacted the company, and it subsequently agreed to ban fur and …

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Urge the Verland Foundation to Ditch Glue Traps!

Mice, squirrels, & other wildlife suffer slow & vicious deaths from glue traps! Take action via @PETA to urge the Verland Foundation to ditch them immediately:

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PETA UK Condemns ‘Frankenscience’ Horror Show as Monkey Is Cloned for the First Time

Experimenters in China have reportedly cloned two monkeys with the same technique that was used to create the cloned sheep Dolly.

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Coconut Macarons

Watch the video for this recipe:

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I really love making macarons as they can be quite challenging. If they turn with the right foot, right color and no cracks can be really satisfying and they definitely make my

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Watch Man Rescue Dog Whose Tongue Was Stuck to an Ice-Cold Manhole Cover

Written by Zachary Toliver | February 2, 2018

The frigid temperatures of winter can mean danger for companion animals who are stuck outdoors—sometimes in unexpected ways.

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Why We Euthanize

Written by Ingrid Newkirk | February 1, 2018

The word “euthanasia” comes from two Greek words—”eu” meaning “good” and “thanatos” meaning “death.” Euthanasia is defined as a merciful release from life in order to end suffering.

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