10 High-Protein Casseroles You Can Eat All Week Long

Retro as they may be, casseroles are totally worth your time. For one, they’re a great way to make an enormous tray of food in one go. So you can whip one up, have a serving, (maybe even two), and then still have enough leftovers to honestly last you all week long. Plus, you only need one baking pan to make most recipes, so they don’t involve a lot of cleanup either.

The only downside to many casseroles is that they aren’t always the healthiest option. Often they forgo lean protein and vegetables in favor of refined carbs like noodles and rice and lots of butter and cream. But it doesn’t have to be that way. These 10 casserole recipes trade empty calories for then nutrients you need. Each one is filled with 15 to 30 grams of protein—the amount registered dietitians recommend eating with every meal. And because they’re big—as a good casserole should be—they easily turn an hour or two of cooking into five or six meals’ worth of healthy eats. Some are more veggie packed than others, so for those that have fewer veggies you, might want to consider pairing them with a side salad for a well-rounded meal.


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