14 Foods Healthy Eaters Were Obsessed With in 2016

Avocado toast. Matcha lattes. Poké bowls. If it sounds like we’re describing your Instagram feed, we are. A number of nutritious foods had a moment this year, and we couldn’t help but round up the most popular fare that healthy eaters were flat-out obsessed with in 2016.

We also wanted to know why certain eats gained such loyal followings among the fit this year, so we nerded out like the nutrition junkies we are and asked registered dietitians whether the trending foods are as wholesome as svelte celebs made us think they are.

Now, as you head into the new year, you’ll understand the health benefits (or lack thereof) of the things you’re loading onto your plate and pouring into your cup. So the next time you order your favorite protein pancakes and a turmeric latte at brunch, know you’re probably getting a good-for-you boost of vegan-friendly protein along with a healthy dose of anti-inflammatory compounds. And yes, we give you full permission to make it a double stack and opt for a refill.

Read on for the 14 foods that were beyond buzzy this year, plus experts’ advice on which ones deserve to be in your fridge—or forgotten—in 2017.


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