15 Kitchen Gadgets Under $15 That Will Help You Eat Healthier


These 15 kitchen gadgets can help you clean up your food. From the pop-forms, which is ideal for small-batch domestic frozen treats for self-sharpening scissors that make cutting through all of the meat in the grass is easier than you might expect, this collection of gadgets is sure to make healthy eating more fun. Do not be surprised if you get them on your doorstep instantly makes you more excited to cook healthy meals for the whole family.

1. Tovolo Mini Turner Tongs, $ 8, amazon.com
Flat silicone head makes turning and turning delicate foods, like eggplant or tofu steaks board easier. These mites Shorts (8.5 “long), so you’ll have more control in food processing. A simple locking mechanism makes popping open forceps and store them neatly girth.


2. Sabatier Edgekeeper self-sharpening scissors with sheath , $ 8, amazon.com
in the kitchen Smart Cook, scissors stay as busy as a knife chef – cooks. You can use scissors to cut the chicken breasts, cut teeth, or quickly cut green beans. Holding the scissors sharpened correctly is vital, however, if you want to make quick work of your kitchen tasks. These scissors come with a self-sharpening Sheather, so you never have to worry with sharpening before the next challenge.

Microplane Zester 3., $ 15, amazon.com
, this classic tool simply will never be beaten. Zester is perfect for a zesting citrus. You can also use it in finely chop the garlic, ginger, carrots, even cheese to salad dressings, delicious soup pastes, and much more. Premium Classic Series also has the added bonus of being quite colorful. Two new colors, Baby Blue and retro – Green (shown in the photo above), fashionable spring and summer, but quite classic in over many years of use.

4. Maverick thermometer , $ 10, bbqgalore.com
When working with smaller pieces of meat, it is very important not to overcook them. Too much time on the stove or in the oven, you can leave the lean pork roasts, chicken, or beef roasts, dry and sinewy. Keep probe thermometer next to the stove, so you can frequently check the internal temperature and ensure that you get all kinds of meat to just the right point of readiness.

5. Chicago Metallic Cup 24 2 Bite the Pan Muffin , $ 15, pfaltzgraff.com
Desserts, snacks, cakes, casseroles, opportunity to make a tiny version of your favorite dishes are endless. This is a 24-cup muffin pan will get a lot of use in your kitchen. Unused grass? Stuffing them and freeze them with olive oil for a quick sautés. There are plenty of fast-ripening fruit? Pulse it in a food processor, pour in the cups, and freeze for easy smoothie snack.

6. Sur La Table Flex-Core Ground Grinder & Turner , $ 8, surlatable.com
This specially designed silicone tool helps break ground meats, allowing parts to more quickly and more evenly cook. Use a head turner to move the meat around equal cooking and use fin to break up lumps. Piece one-piece can be washed in the machine and will not capture bacteria or food pieces.

7. LEVELING KitchenAid Measuring Spoons , $ 8, amazon.com
They are just as colorful, they are useful. Tanker measuring spoons handy to have when you are busy whipping together salads, watching browning chicken watching a pot of beans to cook, and can not do without the other hand, to align with a knife. The set includes herself 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 teaspoon, and 1/2 and 1 tablespoon spoon measures.

8. Lékué Stackable Single Pop the Mold , $ 5, surlatable.com
make healthy, homemade iced crack in small batches with these stackable shapes. If you have leftover vegetables and a bottle of sparkling fruit juice, mix them and pour. You do not need the full recipe to make frozen treats you or your kids can enjoy. These pop – shapes made with BPA free silicone and is available in 4 colors.

Paderno a Handheld Spiralizers 9. , $ 15, williams-sonoma.com
Electric spiralizers are great, if you are willing to do splurge, but if you’re not sold on vegetarian noodles or if you just want to try that – something simple, before taking on the obligation , pocket spiralizer is a great trial run. In addition , it spiralizer packs neatly away in case if you need to bring one job for rapid zoodle for lunch or at the beach. You get to choose from two blades: flat tape or 1/4 “-thick spirals When you’re done, wipe or wash in the dishwasher (on the top shelf) ..

Lemon-Chef’n 10. Aid Spiralizer the species Citrus , $ 10, amazon.com
Water is much better with fresh fruit, and this new citrus-based spiralizer making quick turns of lemon, lime, kiwi, and many others. You can also use this gadget to make beautiful swirl topping for desserts, but we believe that a large batch of all-natural lemonade will be spot-on too.

Microplane Veggie Wedgie 11. , $ 13, surlatable.com
If the name does not make you giggle, intelligent cutting power can. Little chef (and adults from them, for that matter) can pierce cucumbers, carrots, eggs, squash and much more with this handy tool. Veggie Wedgie makes six perfectly wedged section of any number of products which correspond to a pipe. No need to break the cutting board and knife. Wear it in the lunch tote or beach bag, so you can easily cut, serve, and eat.

12. CASABELLA Cookie dough trays with lids , $ 15 / set of 2, amazon.com
make and freeze perfectly-portioned cookie dough pieces, so that you can bake only one or two at a time (rather than eat the remaining ten, before they become stale). Each tray can hold 15-one tablespoon of dough spoon. When you are ready to bake, just whip out a piece of dough, place on a cookie sheet and bake. Included lid make it easy to store and will help to prevent undesirable odors from the freezer leaks into the dough.

13. Rubbermaid Brilliance leak-proof the Container Deep Medium , $ 8, walmart.com
prep Meal Healthy Eater is a way, to make sure that no temptation to sneak in and sabotage your best plans. Keep deep reserve the right size containers on hand to keep the place directing, salads, scraps, and more. Bisphenol-Tritan plastic is great for products such as salads or parfait, which do not need a microwave. Look for non-marking and odor-resistant variants, so that your plastic does not look sadly after a few uses.

14. IMUSA Lemon Squeezer , $ 6, amazon.com
squeeze every last drop of juice from lemons and limes, to make the most flavorful marinades, dressings for salads, beverages and more. Robust design with aluminum is that this squeezer can last for many dining Preps, margarita mix inclinations and lemonade.

15. Bonjour Silicone “Tea Pod» teapot for brewing , $ 13, bedbathandbeyond.com
make your own fresh batch of tea leaves with this cute tea brewing. Add sheets to welding stainless steel, cool, and then stored in the holder tea silicone. Available in three colors, they are cheap enough to keep one at work and in the office.


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