5 Warm Smoothies That Are Perfect For Cold Weather

Smoothies, especially those with green, made with ingredients and vegan protein, are a great way to make sure you start the day with a happy stomach.

My morning shakes, typically made of ice, frozen fruit, herbs and cold non-dairy milk, but it is not quite appetizing on a cold winter morning.

Enter a warm drink!

There’s an unwritten rule that smoothies should be cold, but in fact there is a lot of heated smoothie recipes that will be how to fill your belly and warm your bones. If you crave a hot breakfast (or lunch or snacks), but do not have time to cook, give one of these warm smoothie a try.

The health benefits of warm smoothie

Now, if you’re not a regular smoothie maker, you may be wondering why you should worry about your trade porridge or scrambled eggs for breakfast mixed. Here are just some of the advantages of having a smoothie now and then:

Fast and easy to use – Add the ingredients, the pulse of your blender, pour into a travel cup, and you’re in the door!

Instantly up your fruit & Veggies – If your dishes as a rule, in general, one color and consist of carbohydrates, dairy products, sugar, fruit smoothies are a great way to your daily release of nutrients, which can only come from the fruit and vegetables. Even those that you do not particularly like.

Improve Digestion – If you have sensitive intestines, allowing the blender to make some of the “chewing” for you can be a great way to avoid the problems . Such as constipation or diarrhea Although mixes your food, fiber is retained, so it’s best of both worlds!

Heat – The best way to keep warm in the cold winter’s day did not turn the heat is to increase the body temperature. Warm drinks as these cocktails, do it fast!

OK! Now let’s learn how to build a delicious warm drink.

(SAFETY NOTE: The addition of hot liquid in the blender dangerous if it is not stipulated in the instructions All recipes below, and any created on your own hot water / milk added after mixing or the entire cocktail is heated once mixed!).

Warm smoothie recipes you’ll love!

1. Orange + Carrot + Ginger

Warm Smoothie


2. Banana Walnut + + Date

Warm Smoothie

It’s the perfect warm drink for the whole family, with a natural sweetness brought bananas and dates with walnuts, adding vitamin E, folic acid, melatonin, omega-3 fats and antioxidants!

Warm Smoothie

Looking for a warm drink, which will “stick to your ribs”? This delicious combo tastes just like your favorite flavored oatmeal, but without all the trash ingredients and sugar.

4. Kale + Apples + Dates

Warm Smoothie

For lovers of cocktails, which should be green, the cocktail includes cabbage and hot green tea for the taste, which can not be beat!

 5. Pear almond oil + Ginger +

Warm Smoothie

Bursting with flavors of fall and added protein because of almond oil, this warm drink can be breakfast or dessert!



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