6 Foods to Give You Strong, Healthy Nails

If peeling off labels and popping open cans cause your nails to turn to nubs, you may be missing some key nutrients in your diet. A lack of protein, iron, and zinc can often contribute to weak and brittle nails, making them all an essential part of your daily diet.

Your nails are a reflection of your overall health and well-being. While over polishing or infection can cause nails to break, an unhealthy diet that’s high in sugar and starch can also have a negative impact on your nails. Bottom line: weak nails could mean that you need to incorporate some new foods into your diet.

Here are six foods that can help strengthen your nails:

1. Salmon 

Fatty acids found in fish, especially salmon, play a key role in moisturizing the nail bed. Salmon is also rich in phosphorous, which assists in the growth and repair of tissues and cells that hardens nails.

2. Almonds 

Not only a great snack, almonds do wonders for your nails. Raw almonds, which can be consumed as part of a breakfast bar or mid-day snack, are jam packed with selenium and biotin—two minerals your nails are just begging you for.


3. Eggs

Eggs that haven’t been fed inorganic feeds are a nutrient dense and sulfur rich, which assist in the formation of keratin. Eggs are also known to be jam-packed full of biotin—a B complex vitamin that helps convert food into energy and is often used in supplement form to improve brittle nails.

4. Orange root veggies 

If it’s orange and grows in the ground, it probably has a high concentration of vitamin A, which, surprise, is great for your nails! Carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and squash are not only delicious, but they are rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants.

5. Beans 

Packed full of protein, beans act as a one-stop-shop for healthy nail growth. High in iron, zinc, and biotin, beans bring everything you need to have happy and healthy nails. Try them in a chili or mixed in with some whole grain rice.

6. Dates 

For all your sweet tooth snacking needs, dates are infused with iron, which helps to strengthen your nails. Diets lacking in iron have been known to cause nail weakness and slow nail growth.

In addition to helping your nails grow stronger, all of these foods are recommended to improve your overall health—a win-win all around. Everyone from the beauty salon to the doctors office will be taking notice.


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