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A Dude’s Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe Hack

Previously in this space, I’ve given away my Japanese “impress your babe” dinner recipe, and the “next morning, good morning” buttery scrambled eggs recipe.

But this is the recipe I should have started with. This is the meat and potatoes, … read more

Steak Recipes: Try Something New Today!


Among the greatest joys of cooking steak is the pleasure of trying out new steak recipes. After all, steak is not just a meal to be gotten through, it is a meal to be enjoyed and savored. Quality beef … read more

Cube Steak Parmesan Recipe

When, out of curiosity, I looked in the dictionary for the definition of cube steak, I found “A thin slice of beef tenderized by cubing”. This cube steak parmesan recipe is one that really impress … read more

The Best Garlic Mashed Potato Recipe on the Net!

This easy to follow luxurious Garlic Mashed Potato Recipe makes a perfect side dish to almost any meat or poultry main course. The mellow, toasty flavor of the roasted garlic creates a beautifully subtle flavor. And if you’re not a read more

Microwave Meatloaf

Many people hesitate to cook meat in the microwave. However, if done correctly it works fine. It is nice in the summer so you don’t have to turn on your hot oven. I recommend using a silicone loaf form to … read more

Tomato Bean Pork Soup And Chicken Asparagus Salad

Tomato Bean Pork Soup

4 cups of water

1 cup of dry navy beans

1½ cups of sliced celery

1 to 1½ pounds of smoked pork hocks or one pound to 1½-pound of meaty ham bone

1/3 cup of tomato

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