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Chipotle Just Went Preservative-Free

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Chipotle has completely eliminated preservatives from its menu, the culmination of an effort that began two years ago, the company says.

The popular Mexican eatery has introduced a new tortilla that only has a … read more

Eat Organic Grapes for a Healthy Brain and Heart


Grapes provide a delicious burst of juicy sweetness, whether they are red, green or purple. This tiny fruit has been found to maintain heart health, improve memory and contain a “magical” ingredient for youthful vitality.

Health Benefits 

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation … read more

These Are The Most Popular Healthy Foods of 2017


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Every year, certain ingredients and dishes emerge as trendy “must-haves”—even if it’s something we’ve been eating for centuries. Just a few years ago, for example, no one had … read more

Which is Healthier: Quinoa or Brown Rice?

What's Healthier: Quinoa or Brown Rice?

What’s healthier to make next time you’re planning a stir fry: quinoa or brown rice? Let’s look at these foods, side-by-side, and find out!

It’s another healthy food face-off! Last week, I looked at chia seeds vs. hemp seeds, and … read more

Ramp Up Flavor with These Ramp Recipes

Simple + Ramp Asparagus soup with rustic bread from the first recorded Mess - Care2

As one of the earliest plants to appear in the new season, the ramps are often considered the first spring greens. Botanically known as  Allium trioccum,  ramps are a member of the Allium family (onions), which is native to North … read more

9 Healthy Kitchen Staples That Cost Under $1 Per Serving

Great news for anyone who wants to save money and eat healthier—in other words, pretty much all of us. A new study suggests that it really is possible to do both at once.

The secret? Cook more at home. Researchers … read more