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What To Eat For Good Luck In The New Year — And What To Avoid!

Pork products, fish, beans, cakes with coins, grapes, and pickled herring? Maybe lentils, black-eyed peas, cooked greens or long noodles?

Food and symbolism play important roles in celebrations around the world. On special occasions different countries use certain foods — … read more

How Sugar Makes You Sick

Table sugar (sucrose) consists of two bonded molecules: glucose and fructose. Inside the body, the bond is broken and glucose and fructose are released. The bloodstream picks up the glucose molecule and delivers it to any organ or muscle tissue

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The Benefits of Peppermint

Not only is peppermint everywhere during the holidays, it’s pretty standard throughout the rest of the year, too. Peppermint extract and peppermint oil are used respectively to flavor and fragrance a variety of things from … read more

How a New Year Detox Sent One Woman to the ER

After the sugar- and booze-filled holidays, starting the new year off with a cleanse or a detox may seem like a great way to reset, kickstart healthy habits, and maybe lose a few pounds. But certain “cleansing” strategies can be … read more

This Kind of Food Is Both Filling and Insanely Good for You


Not all carbs are created equal—and thank goodness for that. New research suggests that a certain kind of carbohydrate called resistant starch may improve health by keeping you full, checking blood sugar and supporting the gut.

Resistant starch, a … read more

happy everything {holiday party 2016}

While I fully agree with the popular assessment of 2016 as the worst dumpster fire (so far), I was determined to help end the year on a high note. Or at least, create a high blip registered amidst the readings … read more