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Chicken Stromboli

Chicken Stromboli-1

Stromboli is somehow similar to a calzone,  a pizza or bread dough rolled over various fillings and baked. It is usually shaped in a long cylinder.

This Chicken Stromboli is a delicious dish you can prepare whenever you have leftover

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mushroom tartines

extra-pretty mushrooms

Would this be a good place to admit that I only moderately enjoy sandwiches? I know, what kind of monster says such things! But, wait, come back. What I mean is, it’s the proportions: too much bread, too little … read more

Puff Pizza Ring

Puff Pizza Ring-1

Puff Pizza Ring is an easy appetizer idea you can prepare just in few minutes and have it ready by the time guests arrive. It looks quite impressive and appetizing and takes no more than

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15 Healthy Snacks For Work That You Can Keep At Your Desk


Having healthy snacks for work on-hand at the office is key for staying fueled and focused when you need it most. Whether you’re in the middle of a big project or you’re chained to your desk with a looming

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Blue Cheese Omnivorous


Romaine Lettuce (head $1.29)

1 pound of steak ($10 per pound)

1 box of colorful pasta ($1.03 Blue’s Clues because my inner child sways me at times.)

1 red pepper ($2.62)

Blue Cheese dressing ($2.43)

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There Is Now a Hot Glue Gun for Cheese and We All Need It

You better

 If you love cheese (everyone), you might want to sit down for this public service announcement. Are you sitting? Good. Buzzfeed licensed a cheese hot glue gun. Deep breaths, okay? The appliance (which might as well have been
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