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16 Super Bowl Snacks You Can Eat On Whole30

Whole30 is a 30-day elimination diet that focuses on eating fruits, veggies, meat, and fish, while eliminating all grains, dairy, soy, legumes, added sugar, and processed foods. It’s popular all year round, but especially so in January and February when

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3 Must-Try Low-Calorie Grill Recipes in 30 Minutes Or Less

If you’re a healthy eater that is always on the go, you tend to eat less home cooked meals as time goes by. Take a break from the usual salads and steamed meat and enjoy a delicious smoky barbecue dish … read more

The Most Googled Diets Of 2016 Include Some Surprising Searches

Google recently released its most Googled diets of 2016 list as part of its annual Year In Search report, and the breakdown of the top diet queries is pretty interesting. While some diets on the … read more

Boost Your Workout Routine With Caffeine

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Good news for coffee, tea, and cola lovers: Caffeine may be the perfect complement to your workouts. Several recent studies have found that a small dose before exercising helps improve performance, and a few cups of the strong … read more

How To Pack A Healthy Lunch For Weight Loss

Packing a lunch every day is a great way to start (or keep) healthy eating habits. When you’re stressed at work and pressed for time, or running from one errand to the next, fueling up often ends up being something … read more

How Kristen Beddard Brought Kale Back To France

In recent years, kale has become something of an American celebrity. Wherever you eat, there’s likely some kale offering on the menu. And that’s great—it’s a highly nutritious cruciferous vegetable that’s packed with calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, and … read more