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Cheat Meal Advice

Is there a right or a wrong way to have a “cheat” meal?
What about “Cheat Day” vs. “Cheat Meal”?
I don’t know if there is an absolute right way to have a cheat meal or day for that matter, … read more

Why I Take A Preworkout

Why I Take A Preworkout

Why I Take A Pre-Workout Supplement

Pre-workout supplements aren’t for everyone, but there are a variety of benefits behind these products.

I’ve been a gym rat for almost as long as I can remember and … read more

5 Exercise and Nutrition Tips to Ease Jet Lag

Let’s face it: one of the worst parts of traveling is the enduring jet lag from crossing time zones. Jet lag not only messes with your sleep schedule, but it can also affect your appetite … read more

An Overview of Sports Supplements

For those who wish to improve their body, consuming all of the necessary nutrients from diet alone may not be possible. Those who are truly dedicated will likely find that the consumption of sports supplements is necessary in order to … read more

Eating to Gain Mass

This is usually the forgotten element of most mass programs. Food. The truth is, no one will gain muscle without food. It seems so simple and basic, yet most don’t get enough of it to build muscle.

Dieting for muscle … read more

11 Nutrition Tips for Obstacle Race Training

You can train hard and smart for an event like an obstacle race or traditional run, but there’s more to prepping for game day than your daily workouts.

Fueling properly for your mud run or road race is critical in read more