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6 Vegan Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes

Instant Pot Steel Cut Oatmeal Apples

We tend to think of the Instant Pot as a gadget for cooking beans and grains quickly, but it’s also really handy for making breakfast. Try these Instant Pot breakfast recipes!

I love using my pressure cooker to make quick … read more

12 Top Vegan Iron Sources


If you are a vegan, what is the first argument you hear from meat-eating advocates? Well the sarcastic ones might say something about plants having feelings too, but the most popular rebuttal usually has something to do with iron. And … read more

Crispy Green Bean Fries (Vegan and Rich in Omega 3s!)

Baked in the simplest – and healthy – a crispy coating you can imagine, these green beans, french fries, and heavenly. I chose the green beans from our garden, a pre-heated oven to 425 clipped … read more

Vegan Peanut Butter Bonbons

My grandmother would make these bonbons around the holidays, and you could never stop eating them! These are quick, easy, bite-sized and something you can just keep in your fridge for a quick dose of sugar.

This recipe requires a … read more

Let’s Have a Vegan Taco Party!

Refried beans are a classic filling tacos, and you can make them in the slow cooker!

We live in a time-sharing, but there are some things that we can all unite around. Tacos are one of those things. Everyone loves tacos and vegan tacos could be so delicious easy to make! Here are some ideas for … read more

How to Go Vegan and Still Get All Your Nutrients

As you can probably tell from the number of plant-based recipes popping up on your social media feed, and that new vegan restaurant that just opened down the block, veganism is on the rise. According to one poll, about 2.5% … read more