Cheat Meal Advice

Is there a right or a wrong way to have a “cheat” meal?
What about “Cheat Day” vs. “Cheat Meal”?
I don’t know if there is an absolute right way to have a cheat meal or day for that matter, but some thought, logic, and a lot of trial and error have brought me to always keep a few things in mind when I get a refeed.

1. I have one cheat meal a week, not one cheat day a week. Cheating for an entire day once a week can lead to to a huge accumulation of calories, more than are necessary to enjoy a favorite food you’ve missed or to achieve the purpose of the refeed. Also, I find it harder to get jump right back on track after an entire day of cheating. A friend of mine gave me some great advice, he said one meal, whatever you want. You eat it and leave it. If it’s dinner out, no take home boxes. You enjoy it and then you move on. You have to leave cheat meal at cheat meal.

2. Have your cheat meal on the same day every week.

3. Your cheat meal should not be on a rest day. I sandwich my cheat meal between to high intensity workout days. You don’t want to store excessive calories.

4. Don’t eat until you make yourself sick. Eat enough that you are full and satisfied. Cheat meals are not a free for all, discard any and all goals buffet binge. Cheat meals should be done in moderation. It’s a chance to enjoy something not part of your routine diet.

5. Drink plenty of water!


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