Cranberry Streusel Pie

If you already have your holiday desserts set in stone, I’m sorry to complicate things for you but I really think you need to consider including this cranberry streusel pie in the mix. Cranberries are surely one of the best seasonal foods at this time of year, at least in my opinion. I expect they are gracing your Thanksgiving table in one form or another, be it an appetizer, sauce, one cocktail or another. Rarely do they play a starring role in dessert and it is obvious why – their natural tartness can be a bit too much and outweighs their vibrant red color and excellent consistency when cooked. This pie manages to highlight their beauty, take advantage of their texture, and balance out their tart side with just enough sweet and a rocking toasty warm pecan streusel.

I love how this is unique from most traditional seasonal pies, though it also isn’t such a radical departure from them. While I do like streusel on many baked goods, I tend to prefer double crust pies over streusel any day. This pie is definitely an exception in my book. The streusel adds both a textural and flavor contrast that pretty pie crust never could. Another plus is that this is pretty quick to make. I had the whole thing made and in the oven in under an hour. Prep the crust and while it chills, make the filling and topping – both are simple and straightforward. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this victory for the underdog!


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