Digestive Enzymes and Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Digestion is a complex interplay of checks and balances that help ensure all your cylinders are firing. Yet as many as 30% of Americans live with ongoing irritable bowel syndrome. They’re sputtering along, with digestion problems like gas and constipation, bloating and diarrhea. And very often, the culprit is not what you’d expect.

Digestive enzymes break down the foods you eat into smaller blocks for your GI system to further metabolize and put to use. They play a huge role in the digestion process, ‘predigesting’ food for about an hour, after which stomach acid and an acid-activated enzyme called pepsin take over before what’s left of your meal heads to your small intestine.

Put another way, digestive enzymes perform the following functions:

  • predigest food for about an hour
  • process nutrients from your meal
  • move food efficiently through the GI tract
  • regulate stomach acid production
  • contribute to overall health of the gut

OK, So What to Digestive Enzymes Have to Do With IBS?

These digestive enzymes occur naturally in many foods. But they’re often lost in food preparation. In fact, cook your food between 118° F and 129° F, and you’re pretty much assured that the food you consume is enzyme deficient.

So this ‘predigestion’ does not occur. Your meal just sits there, forcing your stomach to compensate with more hydrochloric acid to pick up the slack!

Unfortunately, you can only do this for so long without serious health consequences. At some point, your body loses its ability to produce sufficient acid to digest food and properly function. The result? Partial food digestion, gas, diarrhea/constipation, bloating, belching, poor nutrient absorption and more.

And if 30% of adults in the United States have IBS, the percentage of folks with too little stomach acid is much higher. Some estimates suggest that 90% – yes 90% – of medical patients over 40 suffer digestion problems because they don’t have enough acid to digest their food!

IBS Relief System Comes With Digestive Enzymes

IBS Relief System by Digestive Science is a natural three-step digestion system of relief and prevention of IBS symptoms. Not a quick fix, it’s designed to treat the causes of IBS and restore harmony to the GI tract, including with fiber, probiotics and, very notably, with digestive enzymes.

The complete IBS Relief System includes:

Digestive Enzyme Renewal – A series of enzymes, including protease, amylase and papain, Digestive Enzyme Renewal is an easy way to ensure you’re getting these much-needed team players and allow your GI tract to properly function.

Maximum Digestion Probiotic – Probiotics are the ‘friendly’ bacteria that occur naturally in the gut, killing harmful microflora, reducing inflammation, assisting with nutrient absorption and contributing to better overall digestive function.

Daily Digestion Support with Chia – Clocking in at just 41.25 calories per tablespoon – and with over 27 essential vitamins and minerals and an IBS-soothing wallop of fiber – the chia in Daily Digestion Support offers ongoing relief from IBS symptoms.

Rather than masking IBS symptoms, this comprehensive approach to faster and more efficient digestion allows the GI tract to do its job and keep things aligned in the state of your stomach. This is a long-term approach to living with – and overcoming – IBS, with an often unconsidered yet undeniably powerful factor to better health and living.




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