Dutch Oven Cinnamon Bread – How to Make a Dutch Oven Bread That is Great for Breakfast or Dessert

This is an easy bread recipe that you can cook in your Dutch oven. It is a delicious cinnamon bread that can be used as a dessert or a breakfast. It is also sometimes called Monkey Bread.


4 cans refrigerated tube biscuits

1 cup brown sugar

1 stick butter or margarine

1 cup sugar

4 teaspoon cinnamon


Cut each biscuit into fourths. You can take several at a time and cut down through all of them to save some time. Mix the sugar and cinnamon in a zip-lock bag. Add all of the biscuit quarters and shake until they are all are coated very well. Melt the butter by inverting the lid of the dutch oven and placing it on or near the fire. Since one side might be hotter than the other, you may need to rotate the lid, or stir the butter to get it all to melt.

Place the coated biscuit fourths in the bottom of the Dutch oven. Pour the melted butter over the biscuit quarters, making sure get get butter on each one of them. Put 6-8 coals underneath Dutch oven and 10-12 on top. Bake for approximately 30 minutes, but you will want to check occasionally to make sure that the oven is not too hot and that the bread is not burning. Rotating the Dutch oven about a 1/4 turn each 8-10 minutes will help also. When done, remove and serve.

If you want to have a nice added touch, make some powdered sugar glaze and drizzle over the bread. This is an easy way to make a cinnamon roll like dish when you are camping. You can even get the biscuit quarters prepared ahead of time. Prepare and store in the zip-lock bag. Just make sure they are well coated to help keep them from sticking together.

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