Easy Pork Chop Recipe

Pork chops can make a great meal any time of the year. Because of the wonderful flavor of pork chops, you don’t need a complicated recipe to make them absolutely fantastic.

One of my favorite pork chop recipes that I make the most often only uses about 2-3 ingredients. None are hard to find, as long as you shop at a large grocery store. Some of the smaller, home town stores may not have one or two of these ingredients.

Pork Chops in White Wine


4 Pork Chops

Fennel Seeds

White Wine

Garlic Salt (optional)


Add a good layer of white wine to the pan. Add pork chops and sprinkle with fennel seeds. Cook on Medium heat for about 5-10 minutes or until brown. Flip to cook other side and cook additional 5-10 minutes. Repeat with additional chops.

There are other variations of this recipe that include adding the optional garlic salt or mushrooms to the chops. Usually I add garlic salt for extra flavor, but this completely optional. Sometimes I’ll even add cream of mushroom soup for an extra tasty meal.

You can always get creative with your pork chop recipes, or use ones with multiple ingredients. Although some of the best recipes you will find are often the most simple.

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