FREE ‘Stop Gun Violence’ Poster for the March This Weekend

As a youth organization that opposes all forms of violence, peta2 stands proud with all the awesome young people who are marching across the nation this weekend. Enough is enough.

The National Rifle Association continually encourages young people to use guns to kill animals, despite the FBI’s finding that cruelty to animals is a common factor in the records of violent criminals, including teenage shooter Nikolas Cruz, who massacred 17 people at his former high school.

We recognize that the culture of gun violence often starts with hunting helpless animals (as was the case with the Parkland shooter, who was an animal abuser). There’s nothing responsible about fostering in kids a sadistic urge to kill. More than ever people are moving away from hunting and are raising concerns about guns, and we are here to keep the momentum by being a voice against all violence.

Now is the time to promote kindness and compassion rather than violence, bloodshed, and death. Download and print our free “Stop Gun Violence” poster (or make your own with a posterboard!) to remind everyone you know that guns DO kill people and other living beings.

  • Print out the poster (or make your own with a posterboard!)

  • Submit a photo of yourself holding the poster in public to get 2,000 points!

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