Giant Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

There are so-called “cookies” (oats and bananas and applesauce sometimes known as breakfast cookies), there are cookies (classic cookies – delish, yes, but nothing to blow your skirt up), and then there are COOKIES. These are the latter. These cookies are not messing around. They are for real. Two huge peanut butter cookies sandwiched together with a fantastic creamy peanut butter frosting. Perfect for a splurge after a rough week, to celebrate something special, or perhaps on vacation…

I first enjoyed one of these amazing confections while on my recent trip to California, during one of several visits to Bouchon Bakery in Yountville. (And I promise, those posts are coming so soon!) This past week, I have been on vacation from work and I have to say, I have been rocking vacation just as much as these cookies rock cookies, which is why I felt compelled to share them now! I have spent more time laying around doing nothing than ever before, hence the lack of posts around here. But, by the end of the week I did regain enough energy to have tons of fun in the kitchen, so there is lots of great stuff coming your way and you are going to love it.

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