Homemade Baked Ham


Thanksgiving need not always centre on the turkey. If you’re bored of cooking or eating turkey, try out the next best alternative – the baked ham. This would make a delightful dish for any kind of celebration. Baked ham is easier to make and a great favourite with kids. Honey glazed baked hams have been a favourite in southern cuisine for decades. It’s full of flavour and is sure to be an instant hit with your guests.

Many people buy expensive honey glazed baked ham whenever there’s a celebration. But it’s quite easy to make this dish at home. There’s a delusion that this can’t be made at home. You just need to know how to buy ham from the supermarket; for the rest, just follow the recipe. This is sure to make your purse feel better and boost your reputation as a cook.

When you buy ham, just check the label and make your selection carefully. It’s better to buy ham that’s labelled “ham in natural juices” since this will have the least water content. A bone-in ham piece should be better than a boneless one because it will have its flavour intact.

The honey glazed baked ham may not be a dieter’s favourite; but if you want to indulge after weeks of dieting, this is the ideal holiday dish. And you can take heart from the fact that ham is the leanest cut of pork and is full of protein. Try out this recipe at home and find out for yourself how easy it is.

You’ll need –

Rump portion of bone-in ham – 12 lb
Cloves – 1/2 cup
Brown sugar – 1 cup
Water – 4 cups

Preheat your oven to 350oF. Take a roasting pan and keep the ham on it. Pierce the cloves on the top of the ham piece maintaining a gap of 1-2 inches. Fill about an inch of water at the bottom of the pan. Close the pan with a lid or use aluminum foil to make a tight cover. Keep this in the oven and bake for 5 hours or till the meat thermometer reaches 160oF. Let this remain for about 20 minutes.

Here’s a honey-peach glaze preparation for your baked ham –

You’ll need –

Peach preserves – 1 cup
Creole mustard – 2 tbsp
Balsamic vinegar – 1.5 tbsp
Honey – 1/3 cup

Start preparing this in the last twenty minutes of the ham’s baking time. Mix all the above ingredients in a saucepan and heat it till bubbles appear on the surface. Spread a third of this glaze over the ham twenty minutes before it’s done. Retain the remaining and serve as a sauce.

Your easy honey glazed baked ham is ready to serve.

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