How Jenny Lost 10 Pounds With A Low Fat Low Calorie Diet

Jenny was overweight. This person tried using Atkin’s and two others that focused on eating food that was high in protein and not on carbohydrates but this did not seem to work.

Luckily, a friend who had the same problem before dropped by. Understanding Jenny’s situation, this individual offered a different approach such as the low fat low calorie diet.

What is a low fat low calorie diet? This regimen requires the individual to limit the food intake of those that are high in fats and calories.

This diet is almost on the borderline of turning anyone into a vegetarian but the good news is, it doesn’t. This means the individual will still be able to enjoy some of life’s pleasures by merely cutting down the number of ounces in fish, poultry and meat being consumed.

A lot of vegetables will be eaten to replace the ounces of meat lost per serving but studies have shown this to be good because these have lowest numbers of calories. Since Jenny wasn’t sure if this could work, this person decided to try it out for a month then see what happens.

This diet requires the person to eat more of the leafy green ones instead of anything else. This can be done 7 times a day or more in half-cup servings that can be changed to different vegetables per meal.

Aside from eating vegetables, the person will also have to cut down on fruit juices and soft drinks. This is because the artificial ingredients used in these products will just replace the fat that was lost in eating those green leaves.

Vegetables may not be that filling compared to eating a slab of meat. This is the reason it is safe to have a piece of fruit or some cheese as part of the snack.

One good plan is called the 1200-calorie diet plan. This involves eating meals and snacks from four to six time a day.

The reason why the person will eat these many times in a day is because of the small portions in each meal. Before eating, the individual will have to measure that it does not exceed 1200-calorie count. Should this happen, something else will have to be substituted in the meal.

People are advised to eat slowly to be able to let the brain register the satisfaction feelings. This should be accompanied by drinking lots of water daily as well as taking a multivitamin supplement to ensure the person gets the complete nutrients.

The individual will just have to be creative in preparing different meals composed of vegetables and some small amounts of meat daily.

Jenny lost 10 pounds after a month into the new program. This was the first time that this person ever lost anything after trying almost everything there was in the market. Feeling more could be shed, this continued for the succeeding month with better results than expected.

Almost a year later, Jenny who once weighed 200 pounds was now about 135 pounds. The entire wardrobe had to be changed since the clothes were too big to wear which made this person both happy and healthy.

The low fat low calorie diet that worked for Jenny may also work for those who need to lose weight. It is best to consult a doctor first before starting any dietary program.

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