How to Brew Beer at Home Guide

How to Brew Beer at Home

Welcome to this great hobby and hope you enjoy it as much as I do. First of all you will need the essential pieces of equipment to do your first brew. I advise everyone to buy a kit to start off with, this will give you a fermenter, airlock, hydrometer and other essential items to get started. It is normally cheaper to buy stuff separately, but unless you know exactly what you need you are better of sticking with the kit. You will also need a can of hopped malt extract, the stuff you can buy in most supermarkets, this comes with yeast.

Your first Brew

You are going to want to keep this simple, which is why I said to get a can of hopped malt extract. The reason for this is simplicity. For the first few times you need to get your sanitization procedure sorted out. This is one of the most important steps, that if not done correctly will ruin your brew. Follow the instructions that came with the can and you are set, simple as that. Leave it in the fermenter for up to 3 weeks, this is longer than it says in the instructions but helps the beer clear and taste better. The instructions given are the simplest way of doing everything and so are not necessarily the best.

What Next?

This is up to you, if you like the taste of the basics then just do that, it’s quick easy and efficient. I personally don’t like the taste of this type of beer and has a strong ‘homebrew taste’. It is possible to get rid of this taste quite easily. This involves steeping grains, using additional hops and malt. All of it is easy but make sure you have the basics down before you start doing this.

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