Chlorogen 800 is a green coffee bean extract supplement. The product is designed for visible weight loss and has similar specifications to the supplement used in a 2012 study, in which overweight patients took green coffee bean extract and lost an average 17 pounds over 22 weeks.

When we say ‘similar specifications’ we mean that it has 50% chlorogenic acid and is dosed between 700mg and 1200mg a day. Chlorogenic acid is the chemical compound in coffee beans that burns fat. High temperatures, like those involved in roasting, kills the compound, but green coffee beans are unroasted, hence they are high in chlorogenic acid.

And voila, you’re on the road to convenient fat burning – assuming you buy a green coffee bean supplement with at least 50% chlorogenic acid, like Chlorogen 800.

Active Vs. Passive Weight Loss

Chlorogen 800 gives you the choice of passive weight loss or a more active approach with dramatic results. It’s reasonable to say you could lose two to four pounds a month with little to no diet changes with Chlorogen 800, because it is similar to the supplement used in the 2012 study.

Participants in that study made no changes to diet or exercise patterns, yet they lost an average 10% of their overall body fat.

Of course, you get out of life what you put in to it, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely if you incorporate Chlorogen 800 into a weight loss program. With ‘rewarded handsomely’ being parlance for more dramatic weight loss, and an eye-pleasing body on the clothing-optional days of summer, your sex appeal may increase by sticking to the following weight loss tips.

Weight Loss Tips With Chlorogen 800

Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables – They help you feel full. And of course, they’re good for you too.

Drink Water – Studies show a link between water consumption and weight loss. In one study, participants who drank water before each meal took in 75 fewer calories. That’s 8lbs a year.

Banish Comfort Foods – Get them out of the house. Banish them – just have them gone completely so you’re not tempted for a late night binge session. Take ‘comfort’ in knowing that you’ll soon look awesome.

Eat Only With a Plate at the Table – Those Dorritos you scarf down in front of the TV are a waist-buster. So is the ice cream while you chat on Facebook. Eat on a plate, at the table, and you’re in better shape to stay lean.

Keep a Food Journal – Write down everything you eat and your mood at the time. The simple act of recording what you eat keeps you accountable to your goals. You’ll also see patterns between what you eat and your feelings. Eating when you’re bored is an express lane to extra pounds.

A Rewarding Journey

It’s up to you whether you use Chlorogen 800 for passive weight loss or as part of a more pro-active weight loss regimen. The product is guaranteed for 60 days, giving you enough time to try it out and look for results.

Remember too that Chlorogen 800 is very similar to the green coffee extract supplement used in the 2012 study. Each person who took that supplement was overweight and made no changes to diet – and they lost an average 17lbs in roughly five months.

A bigger question is what are you looking for in a weight loss supplement? Do you want something that will make it easy to burn extra calories with each meal, or do you want the full goods, with a sexy lean body to show and be proud of on those warm summer days? Weight tends to show in the face as well, meaning you may get more compliments with results for the latter.

Take your pick, you’ll find that Chlorogen 800 can probably help with your weight loss goals, whatever those might be. The reports coming in are that clients tend to be very happy with Chlorogen 800, and the product consistently ranks as one of the best green coffee bean extracts.

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