Jamaican Rum Punch Recipe

Rum is considered to be the world’s oldest distilled spirit and is made throughout the Caribbean. On Jamaica, Appleton Rum Estate has been distilling rum from sugar can for over 200 years and is the island’s most popular drink. With a very sweet flavor rum is often used to make refreshing fruit punches and coconut cocktails. The drinks below are found anywhere in Jamaica and are a cooling treat to complement any meal and the island’s year round summer temperatures.

Jamaican Rum Punch


* 1 bottle Jamaican gold rum

* 1 bottle dark caruba rum

* 1 bottle Jamaican overproof rum

* ½ gallon orange juice

* ½ gallon pineapple juice

* 1 cup lime juice

* splash of grenadine for color

* splash of angostura bitters


Shake all ingredients together in large airtight container or stir vigorously in large punch bowl. Serve over ice and garnish with orange slice, cherry and mint leaves, or pineapple slice and cinnamon stick.

Another refreshing drink in the heat is

Ginger Beer

Ginger is a favorite flavor in Jamaica and is considered a healthy ingredient in this cooling drink. Ginger beer can be boiled and stored in glass jars or bottles for a long time or simple steeped in warm water and used within days.

* 9oz. Fresh ginger root

* 4 qt. Water

* sugar to taste

* 1 tsp. ground cloves

* 1 tsp. lime juice


Grate the ginger into a saucepan and add water, cloves and juice. Stir well and bring to a boil. Boil for half an hour and sweeten to taste. Strain and bottle after cooling. Serve as hot tea or cold over ice.

Enjoy your taste of Jamaica!

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