Letting Nature Help You Live Better

Depending on the circles you run in, herbal supplements are considered either a miracle cure for ailments medicine hasn’t figured out how to fix (or come with unwanted side effects), or are a scam meant to pry money from people for a placebo effect.

Solaray is a prime creator and manufacturer of herbal supplements. With over 900 products under their belt, Solaray provides the assurance of quality herbal ingredients in each capsule. Solaray should be your first stop when you’re looking for natural supplements to your body’s upkeep.

Awkward ailments like urinary tract infections (UTIs) can be battled by using Solaray CranActin. As implied by the name, cranberries are the main ingredient. Aside from the general over all benefits to health that cranberries provide, they are especially powerful in keeping your urinary tract healthy and free from infections.

For a supplement that helps with food digestion and IBS, the Solaray Multidophilus 12 uses a different type of natural ingredients: living organisms. The organisms aid your natural digestion to help break down food and move it through. While regular supplements can be stored regularly, remember to heed the warning to keep Solaray Multidolphilus 12 refrigerated.

Another major manufacturer of supplements is  With a wider focus on vitamins and daily supplements, Source Naturals makes an excellent decision for being able to buoy your diet with necessary dietary elements.

If you’re not getting enough calcium, consider Source Naturals Calcium Citrate. Some people have trouble absorbing the calcium in food. Calcium citrate is the easiest form of calcium for the body to use.

Unlike supplements which target certain health maladies, Source Natural Life Force Multiple is like the Swiss Army knife of multivitamins. With a medley of ingredients (including Green Tea Leaf Extract and Ginko Leaf Extract, among many others), the Source Naturals Life Force Multiple raises your energy level and helps erase the effects of aging on your body.

Remember, just because a pill is labeled as an herbal supplement, that doesn’t mean that it should be treated casually. It is still a form of medicine and you should follow the directions. Don’t attempt to self-medicate health issues.

While herbal and vitamin supplements can be effective, all health problems should still be reported to your doctor. Many doctors encourage the use of herbal supplements, but there are some things which need greater medical attention; failure to do so can worsen the problem.


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