Low Calorie Home Brew Beer

It is no secret that everyone is trying to stay in shape and cut out as many calories possible out of the diet. If you stop to think about it, when was the last time you saw a commercial for a beer that wasn’t “Lite” or reduced calories? I will bet it has been a while. You will see commercial after commercial for beer celebrating how low they are in calories but still have taste. If you are one of the ever growing number of people that brew your own beer, you might be asking if you can really reduce the calories in your brews and still maintain taste.

Yes, you can, but only to a point.

Beginning the process of reducing calories in your beer batch is going to start off with the sugar you have in the fermentation process. As you know, different recipes are going to require different amount of sugars. So, you can start the process of brewing lower calorie beer by using recipes that require less sugar to ferment. In no case should you try to use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. Artificial sweeteners are, basically, chemical compounds made to taste sweet. Using anything other than sugar will greatly change the fermentation process which, in turn, will greatly change the taste you are trying to achieve. What comes out at the end of the process might not even be beer!

Another spot to watch in counting calories is the carbohydrates in your malt and hops. If lower calories are your goal, then you can evaluate this when deciding on the recipe in the first place. The process of creating a really good “light” home brew beer lies in the recipe and the ingredients it requires. By visiting the online beer sites you will see a large number of low calorie and low carbohydrate beer. The ingredients have already been selected for their ability to produce a lighter beer.

But please remember that, too be good, beer must go through the fermentation process and, in my opinion, it is not possible to brew a low calorie or low carbohydrate beer with the same richness of taste. Here is another suggestion: Instead of drinking weak beer, simply drink less! You are limiting your calories either way.

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