Meet the Finalists, and Vote for PETA Prime’s ‘Sexiest Vegan Over 50’ Today

Introducing the “Sexy Six” finalists in this year’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50 competition!

After receiving many wonderful entries, we’ve narrowed down the contestants to half a dozen compassionate, confident, inspirational vegan men and women who will vie for the grand prize of an eight-day vegan adventure through Northern India, courtesy of VegVoyages—Vegan Adventure Tours.

Now we need your help!

Read our finalists’ profiles, then vote for your picks at the bottom of this page before 5 p.m. ET on Tuesday, October 16.

  • Carlos Garcia, 61, Hawaii

    Sixteen years ago, an early screening of the documentary Earthlings prompted Carlos to go vegan right in the movie theater. Now 61, he lives on an animal sanctuary and frequently speaks at health conferences, vegan festivals, and other events. He publishes a free health magazine that includes information about the benefits of going vegan and frequently performs as a musician at fundraisers for animal sanctuaries. A true activist, Carlos stated, “Whether it’s animal abuse, racism, women’s rights, or LGBTQ rights, I will use my voice, my music, my magazines, and any other opportunities to get in front of people with a message of peace and fairness.” Compassion looks good on you, Carlos!

  • Len Lampel, 55, Connecticut

    The desire to make a change for animals abused for food—along with learning of the horrible environmental consequences of animal agriculture—helped prompt Len to go vegan a year and a half ago. Since then, he’s jumped at any opportunity to speak out for animals, including in marches, demonstrations, and events organized by Anonymous for the Voiceless. This professional photographer enjoys hiking, the outdoors, and classic rock, and we’ll rock on for animals with Len any day!

  • Michael Gottlieb, 58, California

    After 20 years of being vegetarian for health and moral reasons, Michael watched a video 10 years ago showing how cows are abused on dairy farms and said “goodbye” to dairy “products.” When he’s not building custom homes in Southern California, you can find him protesting the sale of fur, puppy mills, and the dog-meat industry in Asia. He’s hosted many fundraisers for animal-rescue groups in his home and lives with many rescued dogs. To date, he’s been a foster parent to 40 canines. Michael’s compassion for animals certainly has us swooning!

  • Vicki Garay, 56, New Mexico

    Vicki is living proof that a happy soul radiates outward. She calls going vegan three years ago the easiest decision that she’s ever made, stating that “the killing of animals doesn’t resonate with my soul.” It’s clear that her regular hot yoga morning practice has solidified the principle of ahimsa—nonviolence toward all living things—in her life. Vicki has volunteered at wildlife reserves in her area and now looks forward to helping out at a small animal sanctuary near her home. The way to her heart, you ask? A vegan breakfast burrito smothered in New Mexico red chili. As a mother of three, she’s showing her community every day how to live compassionately and go above and beyond for animals.

  • April Silverman, 80, Pennsylvania

    April has been a vegan for half her life and credits a PETA mailing detailing the suffering of a downed cow as part of the reason. At 80 years old, this vegan powerhouse is unstoppable, spending hours a day writing letters and making phone calls for animals—not to mention her weekly yoga classes and art lessons! Her years of commitment to animal rights activism are inspiring, and all of us at PETA Prime agree—there’s nothing more attractive than helping animals who are so cruelly abused.

  • Darlene Howe, 54, California

    As a labor and delivery nurse, saving lives isn’t out of the ordinary for Darlene. After being vegetarian for 29 years, she gave dairy “products” the boot—and she now saves even more animals through her activism. (The “Live Cruelty Free” tattoo on her calf with PETA’s bunny logo shows just how committed she is!) Her Facebook page is dedicated to spreading the word about animals, and she’s no stranger to protests at the Del Mar Thoroughbred racetrack or taking to the streets to gather signatures for pro-animal propositions to be added to the voting ballot. Her two rescued dogs would have to agree: Darlene is an angel for animals.


You’ve met them all! Now, cast your vote for your favorite finalists below. Voting will close on Tuesday, October 16, at 5 p.m. ET, and the winners will be announced on Monday, October 22, in the PETA Prime E-News.

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