Nutritional Supplements And Constipation

Question: From Jack

I’ve been taking Total Balance for men for two months (from Xtend-Life) along with Cardio-Klenz.
One side effect I noticed was constipation… I do not take any other medication (never did in my life) and I am 72.

My wife ordered Total Balance for women a month ago, along with Viral-Protec. A few days after starting using the products, she had constipation too (she is 66)… Like me, she avoids all type of medication.

This is a strange coincidence, isn’t it? Constipation has never been a concern to us before!
Searching reviews about Total Balance, I found your site.

I did not find any side effect such as constipation. My wife and I do not understand what is going on and worry about this problem. Any idea or suggestion?

Response From Brett:

Hi Jack

I know that this isn’t a usual problem with Total Balance or Cardio-Klenz but I have about others experiencing it on occasion – including my mother a few years back.

What I tend to find is that constipation occurs when people’s systems are adjusting if their diet and fluid intake isn’t usually optimal. Total Balance is always advised to take ‘as well as’ an improved dietary regime, increased pure fluid intake, and regular exercise. This all helps the digestive system to adjust. Total Balance also helps to eliminate some toxins initially that may have laid dormant for some time in the system. This is another cause and what is known as the ‘toxin release’. This could also be a part of what is happening here.

What I would suggest is that they stop the supplement(s) for a day or two, until problems disappear, at the same time concentrate highly in a good dietary regime – based on raw/steamed vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, lentils, fish, whole grains, etc; increase their pure fluid intake (water, vegetable juicing, greens and others, 2+ liters per day, or as near as possible, daily), and whatever daily exercise they can regularly do to keep oxygenated. Then restart again at a half dose of each after a few days, and gradually increase this one by one until reached full dose again without any adverse effects.

In addition to this, upon rising in the morning, before doing anything else, drink 2 large glasses of room temp water, with added lemon juice to taste, straight down, before anything else. This itself is helpful for relieving constipation as well as cleansing the liver and digestive process before it has to begin for the day!

I hope this helps.


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