Your Ultimate Guide to the 64 Best (and Worst) Holiday Foods

Best and worst holiday foods

A glass of eggnog here, a slice of pecan pie there, and salty, fatty foods everywhere: The holidays are not an easy time to maintain a healthy diet. That’s why the average person puts on … read more

5 Healthy-Eating Tips From A Registered Dietitian

I’m a dietitian, and I love food. I love salad. I love chocolate bars (Kit Kat Chunky, I’m talking about you). I love fish. I love cake. It’s not like I sit around eating kale all day just because of … read more

Late Harvest Pizza

Guys, we made it. If your week has been anything like mine, it may have been just barely, but nevertheless – we made it. It’s Friday. Hallelujah! Clearly, pizza is in order. And if … read more

5 Delicious Winter Squashes You’ve Probably Never Tried

‘Tis the season for squash!

This is the time of year when winter squashes flood our farmers markets and grocery stands, delighting us with bright colors and fun shapes.

If you’re not already making winter squashes part of your diet, … read more

roasted cauliflower with pumpkin seeds, brown butter and lime

What did you do the last time you bought a head of cauliflower? Steam it? Grind it into rice? Puree it into a heap of hope that nobody will notice it’s not mashed potatoes? Roast it to a crisp, brown

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Best Essential Nutritional Supplements in Sport

Essential Nutritional Supplements in Sport
Sports success primarily depends with athlete’s morphological, physiological and psychological traits that are specific to performance characteristics. For genetically-endowed athletes to succeed in sport, they have to receive optimal training so as to enhance their mental strength, increase physical power … read more