California Nurse is a Finalist in PETA’s ‘Sexiest Vegan Over 50’ Contest

Animal Advocate Battles It Out to Take Home Top Honors—and a Free Adventure Through India

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October 8, 2018

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Cardiff, Calif. – PETA Prime is preparing to crown this year’s Sexiest Vegans Over 50read more

Homemade Baby Food Recipes To Help You Create A Healthy Menu For YOUR Baby


When Can Babies Eat Chocolate?</h1>

We are sometimes asked if it’s OK for babies to eat chocolate, usually because parents…

  • want to give baby a treat on special occasions (e.g. a piece of Easter egg)
  • are looking for ways
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WATCH: These Scary Videos Will Keep You Up at Night

Updated October 2018:

Do you watch scary movies? This Halloween, you can go to all the slasher flicks you want, but nothing will compare to the horrors shown in the scary PETA videos on this … read more

All the Reasons Why Almond Milk Is Better Than Dairy Milk

There’s no denying it: Americans are ditching dairy “products.” By now, you’ve surely heard that the demand for dairy milk has tanked as consumers switch to vegan drinks such as soy, coconut, and almond milk in droves. This shift has … read more

Meet the Finalists, and Vote for PETA Prime’s ‘Sexiest Vegan Over 50’ Today

Introducing the “Sexy Six” finalists in this year’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50 competition!

After receiving many wonderful entries, we’ve narrowed down the contestants to half a dozen compassionate, confident, inspirational vegan men and women who will vie for the grand … read more

The Way Elephants Are Artificially Inseminated Will Give You Nightmares

When an animal exhibitor wants to produce a new baby elephant, you can bet that a captive female elephant will be put through years of torment in order to sell more tickets to shows.

As an investigative report by The read more