Easy Dinner Recipes: Roast Chicken and Roasted Root Vegetables

Easy dinner recipes make life so much easier for us.

As much as we want to make healthy food choices for ourselves and our families, busy lives sometimes makes it difficult. With a few easy dinner recipes in your recipe … read more

Healthy Fondue – A Guide to Making Broth and Hot Oil Fondues

A pot of hot oil that you dip meat into sounds downright barbaric but it can also be heart healthy. Broth and hot oil fondues are much less decadent than their siblings, cheese and chocolate fondue but they’re just as … read more

Enchanting Chocolate Mint Truffle Delights

The combination between Chocolate and Mint is hard to resist. But this recipe combines the two divinely. If you’re a fan of this combination, give this recipe a try. You’re sure to love it.

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Green Tea for Health – Your Heart Will Thank You

I began drinking green tea about five years ago after I had my cholesterol checked. I am not overweight and do not eat a lot of saturated and trans fats, but my LDL cholesterol was a little on the high … read more

Homemade Beef Jerky Recipe

Even though our forefathers did not know it, lean fresh meat jerky is low in cholesterol and fat and very high in protein, making jerky a nutritious and wholesome snack. Jerky is an excellent energy food when camping, biking, skiing, … read more

An Angel of an Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream cakes are always something special. They are a perfect blend of rich and creamy ice cream with moist cake and smooth frosting. These dessert delights are easy to make when you utilize store bought ingredients and a bit … read more