Peanut Brittle Pie

Peanut Brittle Pie


1-pie shell Pastry 9-inch pie shell, baked

⅔-cup Brown Sugar, packed

1-tablespoon Gelatin

1-teaspoon Salt

1¾-cup Milk

2-large Egg yolks, beaten

2-tablespoons Crisco or butter

1-teaspoon Vanilla Butter & Nut Extract

2-large Egg whites

2-tablespoons Sugar

½-cup Peanut Brittle, crushed in blender

½-cup Cool Whip


Combine brown sugar, gelatin, and salt; add milk and egg yolks. Cook, stirring constantly over medium heat until gelatin dissolves and thickens; add butter or Crisco and vanilla butter & nut extract; cool until partially set. Beat egg whites to soft peaks; slowly beat in sugar, beating to stiff peaks. Fold into gelatin mixture; fold in peanut brittle and cool whip. Chill until mixture moulds. Place into cooled, baked pie shell and chill until firm. Serve chilled.

Serves 6 to 8

Note: Just to change this up a little I make this pie with other nuts and it’s a little different but just as good. Sometimes I spoon a little cool whip on top and drizzle with caramel.

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