PETA Kicks Off World Week for Animals in Labs With Provocative Protests

Written by Zachary Toliver| April 24, 2018

It’s World Week for Animals in Laboratories, and PETA supporters—human and dog alike—are challenging animal abusers who choose to breed, torture, and kill dogs for senseless, wasteful muscular dystrophy (MD) experiments.

Breeding dogs to be ill only to feed them gruel, tear their muscles, and ultimately kill them resembles a lunatic’s sick and twisted fantasy rather than actual science.

Across the U.S., PETA set up head-turning demonstrations at three facilities that perform these cruel experiments and at three other universities that fund them. Check out the photos from this jam-packed week of protests, with more to follow as the week rolls on!

Animal exploiters at Texas A&M University (TAMU), the University of Missouri, and the University of Washington–Seattle purposely breed golden retrievers and other dogs to develop a severe form of canine MD so that they can use them in disturbing experiments. These dogs are so crippled, it’s difficult for them to walk, eat, or even swallow.

Meanwhile, the University of Nevada–Reno, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Florida knowingly fund TAMU’s disgraceful MD dog laboratory.

Countless dogs and generations of humans with MD are being betrayed.

The limited resources to tackle this devastating disease—research dollars, laboratory space, and research personnel—are all being squandered on experiments that for decades have failed to produce a cure or even an effective intervention for MD in humans.

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It makes no sense to dote on some animals as “companions” while condemning others to be used as tools in a lab—they’re all individuals who deserve to be treated with respect.

What You Can Do

Rest assured, our campaign will not stop until cruel MD experiments have ended, and you can help us get there:

Please urge TAMU to close this laboratory, stop breeding MD-afflicted animals, and release all the dogs for adoption into good homes.

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