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Simple + Ramp Asparagus soup with rustic bread from the first recorded Mess - Care2

As one of the earliest plants to appear in the new season, the ramps are often considered the first spring greens. Botanically known as  Allium trioccum,  ramps are a member of the Allium family (onions), which is native to North America, particularly in the Appalachian regions. Ramps live in rich, moist soils and forest conditions, flew a large, green leaves in spring that eventually give way to white flowers. They are really very beautiful.

Ramps are high in vitamin A and C , plus they are naturally rich in selenium , a powerful antioxidant that plays an important role in immune function. And, like other vegetables in the family of Allium, ramps are a good source of chromium, which helps in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.

Ramps can be quite a controversial topic in depending on who you’re talking about. Collection of ramps on a sustainable basis has become a contentious issue among collectors and connoisseurs alike. This is because that the seed rail may take from 6 to 18 months to germinate and the plants themselves can take 5 – 7 years to produce seeds. Demand for ramps exacting a heavy toll on wild plant populations, according to one study, which drew attention to the vulnerability of the plant.

The trick is to avoid cleaning the ramps of small, immature or flowering plants. Instead, take only half of each ramp clumps and replant the rest, together with its rhizomes (roots). Target 10 percent or less of the total plant. Forages is also recommended to scatter the seeds of the ramp on their patch in the fall to replenish the ramps. Here’s a great article on  how how to pick wild ramps . Or, to avoid the problem entirely  of growing your own ramps at home .

Ramp Festivals and Holidays

You are a true fan of the ramp? You can visit one of the many festivals of spring on the platform are held each year in the US There are more than  15 West Virginia Ramp Festivals in  alone to choose from. Community Richwood, West Virginia, holds the annual ” Festival of Ramsons ” every April. This is despite the support of the National Association of Ramp and has been described as “the granddaddy of all Appalachian Ramp Channels”. Legend has it that the first channel of the public ramp began with a private meal with the participation of thirteen overclockers and braking. Ramp Tramp Festival of Polk County  was founded in 1958, the 4-H Club members, who are “stamped” top Big Frog Mountain, to enjoy the hike on a spring day, and the food inclined. Annual Festival ramp  in Waynesville, North Carolina is currently on his 85 – year. One of the oldest rail festivals in the United States is “Cosby Ramp Festival” in Tennessee. This great festival attracts as many as 30,000 visitors, and even took part former President Harry Truman !

These are just some of the ramp festivals held annually. Check local listings for ramp events or festivals that may be in your area!

How to buy, store and cook Ramps 

Since the ramps have a short growing season, you will not find them on the market all year round. Ramps will appear first in their southern range in late March, with the season finally ends up in the far north in early June. Look at the ramps with a bright – green leaves and white slender stems. Store unwashed ramps and tightly wrapped in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Known for their bold, pungent odor, ramps earned the nickname ” King of the stench .” In order to prevent a strong smell of garlic from affecting other foods, wrap ramps in multiple packages. Ramps will stay fresh for up to a week in the fridge. Wash thoroughly ramps in water before use.

From – for their bold onion-garlic flavor, ramps can be used in a huge range of recipes. Try to replace the onion, chives or green onions with ramps, roasting or grilling them, salting them, adding them to soups and stews, and pasta in pesto, and they make a great pizza. You can even carry out  simple wild ramp tasting  for friends, ramps surprisingly versatile.


This is  a simple + Ramp Asparagus Soup with Rustic Spelt bread  recipe Laura on  The First Mess  looks like a rustic perfection.

I have big plans for rail season this year, which include making the  Ramp Focaccia  , as well as the  Ramp Greens kimchi . In fact, examining the ramp recipes in this article led me to a lot of amazing and creative ways to use the ramps. Here are a few that I think you want to try yourself.



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